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Principals note

Greetings from St. Thomas College of Advanced Studies,

                         We are facing a situation of unprecedented crisis, facing distress and threat to normal life. But we have to live beautifully by cherishing the values of love, trust, truth, hope, sincerity, honesty and tolerance in order to build up a society of human harmony and solidarity for a better life. India’s new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is responsive to the clarion call to integrate technology at every level of instruction. It envisions the establishment of an autonomous body, the National Education Technology Forum (NETF) to spearhead efforts towards providing a strategic thrust to its development and use of technology. India is well-poised to take this leap forward with increasing access to teach based information, electricity, and affordable internet connectivity fueled by flagship programmer. Comprehensived-tech policy architecture must focus on four key elements- providing access to learning, especially to disadvantaged groups, enabling process of teaching, learning and evaluation, facilitating teacher training and continues professional development, improving governance systems like planning, management and monitoring processes. Our college aims at its potential for innovation of the energetic youth. It is time that we look forward to work with a mind set of facing up to all the changes. The human endurance is always bigger than the obstacles out these. We shall together overcome the pandemic period with courage and conviction. Let us strive hard to construct a future social well being, endeavoring optimism and quality education, the success is always at hand if we go for it with open- hearted approach. May the God Almighty bless all our endeavors.

Dr. Jaimon P. Jacob

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